The healthcare concept that enables people maintain health consistently every day.

Everybody is aware that health is very important and is willing to pay for health maintenance. However, the challenge is to have discipline to take care of your health daily. Forgetfulness, busy daily routines, tiredness… all become excuses to hinder one from pursuing health consistently on a daily basis.

AmLife’s Electric Potential Thermotherapy Mattress ensures you can care for your health everyday with an au-naturale healthcare treatment that works during sleep for a whole night.

Electric Potential Therapy

Creates an electric field to increase the negative potential of the body, regulates acid-alkaline balance of our body that helps maintain the body internal balance. Negative potential helps to relax the body and promotes deep sleep.

Eases headache
Reduces shoulder and neck pain
Relieves constipation


Far-infrared rays generated by unique carbon fiber helps maintain healthy body temperature, improves blood circulation, boosts cellular metabolism and enhances immunity.

Enhances blood circulation
Eases nerve pain and muscular pain
Eliminates tiredness and fatigue

New Cutting-edge Thermal Technology— Carbon Fiber

Using the latest cutting-edge heating technology, carbon fiber with line surface heating to provide the body with an even, skin-friendly and comfortable temperature. More effective than common heating device.

Even heat
Comfortable temperature

Deodorizing effect
High energy efficiency

International Medical Certification

100% Made in Japan

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