Not just for sleep

The AmPower Platinum Pillow is another key and star product in the sleep health industry. Made with our exclusive and cutting-edge platinum technology, the ergonomically-designed pillow allows you to enjoy more than just a good night’s sleep. Through daily use, you will be protecting your cervical spine while promoting brain detoxification during sleep. Day by day, you will wake up feeling more rejuvenated, with firm and beautiful skin.

A trillion vibrations a second

The AmPower Platinum energy produces a trillion vibrations a second that change the structure of the water molecules in the body, decreasing the size of and activating the water molecules, thus helping to improve the circulation and detoxification system, resulting in visible anti-aging effects on the face and neck area. AmPower Platinum Pillow is suitable for the entire family, helping everyone to wake up to more beautiful skin and a healthier body.

Delicate design for quality sleep

Broad bean-shaped design

On the average, people toss and turn dozens of times during sleep. As they turn, their head and neck will tend to form an arc shape.
The broad-bean shaped AmPower Platinum Pillow is designed according to the arc line. As the body turns during sleep, this allows smoother movements and ensuring proper posture when sleeping on one side. It is ergonomically-designed according to our sleeping habits.

The Amazing Filler

AmPower Platinum Pillow has 6 areas and its filler is made up of polymer beads of 4 different sizes, shapes and softness, with each providing different support effects.

Will not generate heat, has high breathability and flexibility, and provides a massaging effect and support.

Adjust thickness freely

Everyone has their own preference on the thickness or height of their pillow. The filler volume of AmPower Platinum Pillow can be adjusted freely and easily at anytime to meet your thickness preference, resulting in a pillow that is exclusively yours.

100% Made in Japan

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