Growing younger の age defying secret

The AmPower Platinum Blanket is 100% made in Japan. The fabric is made of platinum fiber and superior cotton that are soft and silky smooth to the touch. Its superior breathability helps resist the room’s cool temperature and dampness, promotes metabolism and delays aging. With quality sleep assured, you will wake up feeling restored, refreshed and rejuvenated. Start your day with renewed energy and vitality!

What is AmPower Platinum?

AmPower Platinum is the result of the latest weaving technology based on a scientific proportion consisting of 14 types of natural ore. Unlike conventional spray coating technique-produced materials, AmPower Platinum is extremely durable and can withstand multiple washing or scrubbing.

An Artwork in the Bedroom

AmPower Platinum Blanket utilises the unique traditional floral print artwork from Japan, creating a delicate, elegant design for a soothing Japanese-influenced ambience.

One Trillion Vibrations Per Second

AmPower Platinum produces one trillion vibrations per second that helps change the structure of the water molecules in the human body. With a smaller cluster of water molecules, they become more active, ensuring our body stay hydrated and healthy.
This in turn, helps promote the lymphatic circulation, accelerate toxin removal from the body, and strengthen the body defence against wind, cold and dampness. It also helps enhance the body immunity, thus revitalising the body and achieving a bright, ruddy complexion.

Lymph: The key to anti-aging

The lymphatic system plays an important role in the human body as it is responsible for detoxification. The AmPower Platinum which produces one trillion vibrations per second helps shorten the cycle of lymph circulation. This ensures effective removal of body waste through lymph and reducing of waste accumulation in the body. In addition to these health benefits, it also helps reveal a brighter, smoother, softer and ruddy complexion, as well as eliminating edema to restore the body shape.

100% Made in Japan

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