The relationship between blood, negative potential and the human body

Look around us; we would often hear about a relative, friend or friend of a friend diagnosed with cancer. Cancer can happen to anyone, regardless of age, gender or even lifestyle habits. It catches people off guard. Cancer is the first of top ten causes of death in the country. The question is, what causes cancer? The causes of cancer are plenty, including innate and postnatal factors. Today, let’s talk about one of the postnatal factors: insufficient oxygen in blood.Insufficient oxygen or oxygen deficiency in blood will lead to malignant development of tumour.Our blood has six main functions:Deliver oxygenDeliver nutrientsDeliver hormonesMetabolise body wasteRegulate body temperaturePrevent infectionsWhen the body is healthy, the red blood cells will repel each other due to the negative charge on the cell membrane surface. However, when the red blood cells are exposed to environmental factors like acidity and oxidative stress, it will cause the negative charge ratio of cell membrane to decrease and lead to aggregation of red blood cells. This will eventually increase blood viscosity, reduce the oxygen content in blood and can lead to the onset of cancer.

Now that we know the causes of cancer, what can we do to prevent them? If the decrease of negative potential in cell membrane is the source of the cause, we can in fact prevent cancer by improving blood viscosity.Now, let’s take a look at the key to a healthy body: negative potential. What effect does it have on the human body?A normal cell will make the cell membrane as its boundary. Outside of the cell membrane is positive potential, and inside is negative potential. Normally, negative potential is higher than positive potential, and it is the difference between them that removes the harmful substances produced in the cell from the body (good membrane permeability). This happens when the body is in a stable, balance and healthy state.However, when there is too much of positive potential produced by abnormal cells accumulated in our body, it will result in low cellular respiration and lead to a condition where the positive potential outside the cell membrane becomes higher than negative potential. The fatigue substances in the cell cannot be removed, the biological rhythm is disrupted, and the cellular tissue will lose its vitality. As for the tissues and organs at lesion sites, the increase of positive potential will affect the flow of qi and current (which is produced by cell membrane by using the positive and negative potential, in order to generate energy in the cell to maintain the body temperature at 36.5 degrees Celsius), which further weakens the stamina and brings adverse effects to the body.The lack of negative potential will affect the supply of oxygen to the entire body, and in addition to causing cancer, it may also lead to minor conditions like anxiety, insomnia, dizziness, mood swings, poor memory, reduced endurance and nervousness, or serious conditions like autonomic dysfunction, menopause disorders, hypertension, arteriosclerosis, stroke, heart disease, neuralgia, poor liver functions and gastrointestinal disease. It may also lead to the formation of freckles, fine lines and other ageing signs, as well as weakened ciliary movement and inability to exhale harmful gas.A negative potential therapy device has the ability to produce negative ions, which is to provide negative ions to living things, so to increase sodium ions and calcium ions while reducing potassium ions, and allowing regular movement of the electrolyte ions in the blood serum.

When calcium ions in the blood serum increases, the old waste accumulated in blood, like lactic acid, phosphoric acid, butyric acid and other acidic substances will be neutralised, maintaining the body at a weakly alkaline condition. In addition, it can improve the blood and biological pH level, ensuring a smooth blood circulation. Furthermore, as the sodium ions move from within the cell into the blood serum, excessive water in the cell will be removed too. This results in helping improve cardiac, renal, allergic, traumatic and postoperative edema. On the other hand, the potassium ions move from blood serum into cells will help to improve cellular health.The purpose of the mattress is to help our body achieve a balance state. For hypotensive patients, after using the mattress for a period of time will help return the positive and negative charge of the body to a normal state. The mattress is not a miracle medicine; it can’t cure every disease nor cure any disease overnight. But electric potential therapy indeed can help improve our overall health.Reference:1. Singh, S.J.a.M., Changes in erythrocyte aggregation and deformability during human ageing. CURRENT SCIENCE, 2001. 82: p. 2.

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